Below are excellent presentation alternatives to PowerPoint. All websites were found by Miss Thibeault's Career Ed /Computer Literacy 9 Classes. All reviews/summaries are student written. Enjoy! (Sorry for any duplicate websites)

The rich media presentation tool
Tell your story anyway you like. Add photos, music, video, and audio, and share it publicly or privately in an instant

Web 2.0: Cool Tools for School
This site has several links to different presentation sites.

While it is under construction, it is unavailable; however, check back often to see when it is up and running!

iSpring Online Presentations Software
This is a download for free software (you have to scroll down for the free version) that lets you add audio, video, and much more.

MakeUseOf: 4 Excellen Browser-Based Alternatives to PowerPoint
The name says it all.

Slide Rocket
This lets you create, present, and share presentations, all for free with an account. a fast and eaSy way to create professional and dynamic slideshows.
Free software for creating the best slide shows. Easy to use.

www.smartdraw.comis a better way to compose, manage and deliver visual presentations.Title MakerThis website can be used to make awesomea and cool titles that aren't available on powerpoint. It's not presentation software but it's cool anyways.
You can create awesome cool presentations online and it is so easy to do. PowToon is a new presentation software that is incredibly simple to use and really easy to navigate.

Mashable I found a website with 13 (!!!) online presentation apps. Check it.
Create a photo slideshow and it can burn presentations to DVD
soft maker
"SoftMaker Presentations is the presentation graphics program in SoftMaker Office 2012 – fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, yet easier to use and with breathtaking graphics effects"
Make a free professional looking website.
Find and share your family tree. Your ancestors records and many other records are kept on this site.
Share your videos, keep up to date, listen to music, watch movies, and many other more uses.
Instead of requiring proprietary or complex authoring and publishing tools, Knoodle makes it easy to combine slides, video, audio and images from your computer or Google Docs into interactive online presentations that can be quickly shared publicly or privately through multiple publishing options.
I love Free Software
This Website has 5 different software programs.
Smart Draw
This website allows you to create many different styles of timelines.

Prezentit looks like a cool website but it is getting fixed and stuff added to it right now.
Prezi is the best it is the easiest to use and makes presentations neat and organized.
Slide Rocket
Free site, with pre made templates
Slide Boom
A site to share power point presentations online and share them with the world.
Create Your Free Website Or Page.
Present Your Own Pictures, Share Them, And Allow Others To Use Them.
Sign Up And Stay Updated On Other News And Create Your Own News, Website, And Page.
Kingsoft Presentaion free 2012 is a easy and fast way to create a presentation.

Create Your Own Website Or Page.
Make a free website.
Free Website Builder
Offers users the ability to upload and share publicly or privately PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Adobe PDF Portfolios

Slide Boom
On this website you can •Photo slideshow with text, audio and video•Visual CV•Portfolio •eCards•Lectures and trainings•Business presentations•Virtual tours
You need to sign up. You can create and share with anyone on zoho or just by your self. You can edit it at any time.
Google Docs<mpl=homepage
can change the themes, and templatesinsert tabs, and text, pictures its very similar to powerpointSozicanplay animated presentations, not organized like a slideshow. content is laid out like a poster, freely put whereever
280 slides
Can import powerpoint presentations so you don't have to start over, add movies, and pictures.
I've heard good things about this one. its really basic and simple.
gives you professional results. edit and enhance stuff.
only 39 dollars (what a bargin)!!! simple to use.
"AuthorSTREAM makes it easier to share your PowerPoint slideshows through blogs, websites, on YouTube and even on your iPOD." - AunthorSTREAM.
VCASMO is a website where you can present your powerpoints as a video. Also you can talk while your video is going.
Another powerpoint website where you can save and edit your powerpoint. You can do all the basic things
Create one of a kind slide shows! its easy to add photos, videos and music to make a multimedia slideshow.
HD slideshow tools for creating fast, easy and amazing videos and slides.
This website lets you create free animation.
This website allows you to make a slide show.
Power Point
Make a power point with as many slides as you want, as well as some sweet tools to help you do this.

Great song for making a presentation but must have and account to access.
You can put any kind of presentation on here and share them. It easy to use and free.
On this site you can upload your presentaions or create a new one. You can share them publicly or keep them private.
On this website you create your own site to post your presentations. It is easy to use