Infographic Links, Tips, and Tricks

Piktochart lets you create your infographic using their web-based app. Watch this video for a demo. has a great guide to creating a powerful infographic, with many links and tips.

In case you are curious about it, here is the anatomy of an infographic.

You can also find 6 Tips for Creating Mind-Blowing Infographics. This site is particularly helpful when it comes to data analysis.

There are many sites, like this one, that have links to LOADS of information. This Designrfix, in particular, seems to be able to solve all your infographic problems. It has helpful guides to creating infographics with different software, as well as design tips.

Mashable has a great site that has tips on creating infographics. It even has an infographic about infographics!
InfographicsArchive has nine suggestions of tools to use when creating your infographic. is a web tool for creating enticing infographics.
Use Flickr to find creative commons photos, but be sure to give credit to the owner.
Psych 20 - A copy of your assignment is on your page, including a topic list.
If you find more, great websites to share, email me and I'll post them!